We are a company that helps you setting up your own online casino or gaming site. If you are a land casino owner looking to expand online, then we have all the answers for you.

The following are the various products that we offer

A variety of Games:

We have a variety of games that are played at a casino whether it is a simple slot game to more complex card games like blackjack or poker and the variations, we have all of them readily available to be integrated into your website and presented to your customers. We can work together to select the games you want to offer and also customize them as per your needs.

Backend solutions:

Running an online casino needs the best of servers to operate at the backend, a customer should not get disconnected or get an error in the middle of a game. A poorly maintained online casino rarely gets any customers. We understand the typical traffic, study the traffic on your site and offer you the best backend solutions. We also provide good facilities to maintain the database of your customers.

Safety & Security:

Safe and secure transactions are the backbone of any online business that involves money being transacted. All our software is certified by the best security standards available in the industry. We ensure our database is hack proof.

Online Dealers:

Any online casino needs dealers and in some cases, our software in itself is capable of acting as a dealer, in other cases we can also provide you with dealers who can act on behalf of you.


We also provide regular maintenance to your online casino by keeping the games up to date and also provide upgrades to prevent from any cyber-attacks.

Thus if you are looking to build your own online casino, come to us and relax, we take care of everything for your end to end.